Nothing eases my mind like travel & rosè. 🍷

Bisbee, Arizona

This last weekend Nick and I went down to visit my mom in Scottsdale. She also has a love for travel, so we always try to do something new & exciting when we visit. This weekend, we traveled south close to the Mexican border to Bisbee.

Bisbee is an old mining town that was built to fit in the mountains around them. They do not mine there anymore, but most of the history there is based off of mining people and their populations.

Arriving in Bisbee we did a golf cart tour. We had a fabulous guide that told us a large amount of history about the town itself and where we should go visit for sure. Below are some of the places we saw.

There are actually no schools active schools in Bisbee. The buildings have been re-purposed into different businesses for the town.
In parts of Bisbee, as most old towns, there is a ‘Red Light District’. This building stood out to me with its history. It is said these little buildings were a “one-stop-shop” back in the day. It had a brothel upstairs, saloon downstairs, a Madam in the building next to it, and even a secret place for people to get opioids. So crazy to think all of those habits were still a problem back then, not just today!
Bisbee has a ton of wall art – each piece unique, with their own story I am sure.
As you can see on this wall, it is engraved with a “Ladies Bust Developer”, aka a plunger? Love your thoughts on this one!
One fun place to go was the “Smallest Bar in Arizona”. This is actually the second smallest bar in the whole United States. This bar is placed in room 4 of a motel. Only 3 barstools in this bar. It was a fun quaint place to have a refreshing glass of wine! You can find more info about this bar here.
There were also many perfect photo opportunities as well. Nick loves these 😉
For dinner we ate at a restaurant called Santiagos right on Howell. This place had very good Mexican food! I had the Famous Braised Short Rib Tacos – and they were nothing short of amazing. Very recommended to go here for dinner while watching the sunset on the mountains!
Overall, our time in Bisbee was short & sweet! We got to see a lot of history. If you ever have time I would recommend taking the golf cart tour. The town has a lot more meaning when you know some of the history and occurrences that have happened there. If you ever go to Bisbee this is the tour we took here.

There is a lot more about Bisbee that we learned about that I could not even imagine all writing out! The best way to hear it is visit Bisbee, the city of stairs, yourself. Below I linked a website that talks a little more about the town and it’s history along with many things to do!

Learn more about Bisbee here.

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