Ever since I was young, maybe junior high, beginning of high school, I had a love for photography. I didn’t know much about it, but I loved the creativity one put into the photographs. How the camera was placed. The lighting. Everything about the colors and black & whites. I knew I wanted to do something with photography as an adult.

Then, my sophomore year of high school my mom bought a DSL for herself, to “take family and sport pictures”. I had no idea how to run it, but I loved having my hands on it. I would always steal it and surprise my parents with photos of me and my brothers on a summer day somewhere in a field. Little did I know, even though they turned out decent, I still knew nothing about photography.

I eventually started teaching and put photography on the back burner. A fellow teacher of mine was a photographer and she had the most beautiful photographs. She pays attention to little details, strives on un-structured family photos, and captures lighting of sunsets as if she controls it. So I took a training from her, and I learned a little bit more about photography as well as yearned more knowledge for this art even more. So here I am, never feeling satisfied with my own photos, but creating images and memories that represent my growing knowledge for this art. I offer outdoor and indoor family, newborn, and senior sessions. Check out the images below. Feel free to email me for more pricing information and availability.

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