Fall Shoes I’m Adding to My Cart

The best time of the year is upon us! Fall 😉 Fall is my favorite not only because my birthday is in October, but because the weather is gorgeous and Iowa is perfection. I also love the weather changing because I can live in leggings, sweaters, cardigans, and booties. So here I have found popularContinue reading “Fall Shoes I’m Adding to My Cart”

Blue Light Glasses

If you know me, I spend a lot of time on screens. Not just because I love Instagram, but with my boutique I am shopping online or posting content to social media. In school we use a ton of technology throughout the day and I also love to do photography, which also includes looking atContinue reading “Blue Light Glasses”

Amazon Picks: July 25th

Hello! I am back and have some Amazon picks for you! These are some items I plan on getting, have gotten recently, or just on my wishlist! Click on the pictures below for the exact product. First up is a new drink I found. If you know me, sadly, I live off caffeine (need toContinue reading “Amazon Picks: July 25th”

Welcome to My New People Blog

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. — Unknown. Hi y’all! If you’re new around here, my name is Kelsey. I live in Iowa with my hubby and our fur baby, Milo. We recently got married last year, but we have dated since 2011 – therefore, it has been a long time coming!Continue reading “Welcome to My New People Blog”