August purchase haul

It has been awhile since I have had the chance to get on and write! Or really time to do anything… But August is such a weird time. Some people are holding onto summer as long as they can enjoying these hot and humid days and some people bring out one fall decor item slowly each day (hey, it’s me). Below I am sharing some things I have added to my cart recently or purchased! Happy shopping! ✨

Silicone Cell Phone Case

Sometimes the cases at the store can be expensive, and I don’t like the look/feel of the Otter cases, plus I get bored easily. So Amazon is usually my go-to! This is less than $10, soft, and I feel like a lot of different pop sockets could be put onto it. Get this phone case or click on this image!

Play Sink with Real Water!

How fun is this little sink! The babies bestie had it and they both LOVE water, so I had to get it! It is so cute to see them play with it. And it really works AND is at an awesome price point! I try to be super intentional with what toys I buy my kids. How long can they play with this? Will they get bored after 5 minutes? What is it teaching them? Click on the image to purchase!

The cups, etc. change colors with temperature change!

Retro Keyboard

Did I need this keyboard? Absolutely not. Is it fun? Yes. So now I get to love when I type on this thing! It almost feels nostalgic like those Legally Blonde days 🤣 Click the image below to shop!

Fall Oversized Sweater for Palmer

I have been trying to find greatly priced long sleeve items to bring into the shop for kiddos, but sometimes Amazon prices are hard to beat, the quality is sometimes the question. I ordered this for Palmer to wear with bloomers and high socks this fall! It does seem to run big, but she can grow in it!

Fall Jacket for Bram

I didn’t know how to resist this one!! All black onesie, this jacket, and a hat just has my heart throbbing for that little boy! Click the image to shop.

Fall Romper for Palmer

I got this for Palmer to wear for some fall events we have coming up with high socks!


I am all about those high-socks with those rompers! These just seems to feminine and pretty!

Bram’s Personalized Trucker Hat

Bram needs a new hat and looks SO cute when he wears one! I got him this one, but of course will say Bram 😉

Mexico Haul

In October the kids and some family are going to Mexico, so I grabbed a few last summer pieces from Shein! I feel like the quality is sometimes questionable from this site, but we plan to wear these only once or twice (as they won’t fit next year), so the price was right and the style was adorable! Click the image to shop.

I will share what we got for some fall items when they arrive so I can give a true review! That’s all for now!

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