Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day snuck up on us this year, but I found some of my favorites! I had a few items already, and today I bought the milk frother and Nespresso machine which I am SO excited for. I missed it last time it was on sale, and regretted it. My mom has one and it is so dreamy to make your own coffee with it! Check out the rest of the deals below.

  1. //Zulay Milk Frother// I recently dropped my handheld milk frother I already had so it does not work anymore, so I saw this as a deal today and saw it had good reviews! I use it for my coffee in the morning when I add creamer and feel like it makes all the difference! Only $15.99
  2. //Snuggle Me Organic// I was hoping to get my second Dock a Tot on sale today on Amazon, but they sold out pretty quick. I have heard these Snuggle Me Organics are amazing as well and only a fraction of the price! Originally $99 and is $79 today!
  3. //Fawn Design Diaper Bag// These diaper bags have been all the hype recently in the baby world and they are super adorable AND on sale today! Originally $94.99 and is only $74.99, so saving 21%!
  4. //Mokof Wood Beads Garland with Jute Tassels// I found these as a Prime Day Deal and they are adorable! A set of 5 wooden beads to decorate your house with that are all different sizes. A fun & trendy set!
  5. //24 pcs Non-stick Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils Spatula Set with Holder// I have a similar set to this and it is my favorite to cook with because they are so pretty and I love the flexibility of the silicone – and it is easy to clean! The color is just gorgeous on these.
  6. //Pom Pom Duvet Cover// I have this duvet cover in one of our spare bedrooms and it is a great quality and adds such a fun vibe to any room, so I had to share!
  7. //Pregnancy Pillow// I have become obsessed with my pregnancy pillow! It is so comfy and I think truly helps at night, so if you are an expecting mama on the edge about getting one this one is 42% off and is very similar to mine!
  8. //Vintage Wall Sconce// I have no idea where I would put these but I want them ASAP, and they are only $40 for the set of 3! So modern and chic.
  9. //AirPods// Who doesn’t want AirPods!? The actually Apple brand doesn’t go on sale often, and they are 28% off for Prime Day! Run!
  10. //Extra Long iPhone Charger// I have been on the lookout for an extra long iPhone charger for our hospital stay, I heard they are a must! This one has great reviews and is so chic looking with the leather strap. Definitely need to order!
  11. //Storage Baskets// I saw these were on sale today and wanted to share them because they were on my wedding registry. I got quite a few of them and I love them! I especially love how big they are and how they are tan and gray so they are kind of a mix of all tones to decorate with. Great quality and 25% off!
  12. //Nespresso VertuoPlus Bundle// I have been wanting one of these bad boys for so long and I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger! A friend sent me this when it went on sale before, and I missed it. I did NOT miss it this time. This will come in so handy when my babies come and I am snowed in or just want to enjoy some coffee – as always. I just cannot believe the price on this! Usually $232 and only $119. RUN – do not walk!

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