Budget Friendly Porch Decor: Fall Edition

Although my energy is not up to par, I have been trying my best to give my home “all the fall feels”, because fall is the most wonderful time of the year, in my opinion. I love the crisp weather, wearing sweaters & leggings, pumpkin patches, having the windows open, and of course my October birthday. Below I compiled the items I used to make my porch “fall friendly”. Most is from Amazon.

  1. //Faux Pumpkins// First off, lots and lots of pumpkins! We tried to grow our own pumpkins this year. I am not sure if we planted them too late or if I just suck at gardening, but I only got 3 little orange ones and probably 5-6 white ones (that were odd shaped and small). Therefore I resorted to buying some pumpkins from Wal-Mart or Mulhalls – plus I can just spend a solid hour or two roaming Mulhalls. I also found adorable fake green ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can always find a coupon for there!

2. //Buffalo Check Rug// You can never go wrong with the black checkered rug for your front porch. It pretty much goes with any season and is super fun to add different rugs to throughout the year! I have always gotten mine through Amazon and they have been great quality!

3. //Outdoor or Indoor Fall Pillow Covers// These are new this year and thought they would be so fun to put outside until after Thanksgiving! I bought outdoor/indoor ones so that if the weather gets a little harsh on them they should be fine. I also didn’t spend a lot on them because I knew they will probably only last me a year or two.

4. //Hearth and Hand Fall Wreath// If you know me, I love anything and everything (but the food) mustard. This called my name because I envisioned it accenting our black door so well! I’ve had it up for a month or so already and is holding up great!

5. //Gather Here Rug// This rug I bought a year or two ago, so it was a little harder to track down but there are tons of options for these! I love this rug because it last all through fall until I switch out for Christmas!

6. //Boo Sign// A fun Amazon find that is super easy to hang out the fall wreath/hook you already have up, and when Halloween is over I take it down! Easy Peasy! This sign is super affordable and I have had it for a couple of years and its color is still great!

Although some of the items are from last year, it just goes to show how they stay well colored! Happy Shopping!

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