June 2020 Shopping

Too much time on my hands?

This week I have had way too much time on my hands but have done a lot of what I call, “functional shopping”. I feel as if I have tried a dozen different work out gears and my favorite pants are still the Lululemon Align leggings. I have a thicker midsection, and feel like these do not rub into my sides and show off my gut. I am not saying no other pants don’t do this, these are just the ones I have found and love. So, my plain black ones are getting pretty worn so I went to Lululemon this weekend (waited in line for 2-3 people in/2-3 people out like a crazy person) and then found not only 1. they did not have the plain black, but they did 2. have a black leopard pair I loved, and 3. had Align joggers. I was in LOVE. I am pretty much telling you this because you need them and will want to wear them all day, everyday. I also want them in every color. Below I am linking both pairs that I bought this weekend.

When you look at the price, remember you are buying pure quality leggings that last forever, are THE most comfortable, and if you were to compare to Nike or Under Armor, and other competitors most likely the prices would be similar. Also, when sizing I am around a 12/14 and size down to a 10. Click on the image to shop. *Affiliate links posted

These are the Align leggings, 28″.
Align Joggers – I got a 10 in these as well! Click on image to shop.

I also wanted to share these tanks from Wal Mart that are $11 and the worker at Lululemon asked what style of Lululemon top it was! She about fell over when I told her it was from Wal Mart. I have this in pink and black. Click on the image to shop!

I also LOVE a good Celine dupe sunglass and I found these ones off of Amazon for two of them for $19. Which I love because one is a plain black pair, and the other it a tortoise color so both are super functional for any outfit. Celine dupes are often oversized, which I like! So if you do not like oversized glasses, steer clear. Click the link here to shop.

The next purchase is another “necessity” in my books! I recently started using Young Living products, and more specifically the Thieves cleaner. As we want to start a family, I want to start to eliminate toxins within the household. With the thieves cleaner you put a capful in a spray bottle and dilute the rest with water. I have already been through two $1 spray bottles from Wal-Mart and so I figured I would be saving money by getting four glass spray bottles that don’t quit working after a week. They also come with washable chalk labels to label everything! I really like the clean look of them and I have used them for about a week and they look great! Click the image to shop!

These are all my exciting finds for this week! Hopefully I can stay on top of them and report back next week! 🙂

XOXO, Kels

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