Christmas Shopping Haul

It has been awhile since I have written a post.. I am sure most of you get how crazy the holidays are. Not only did the holidays come & go so quickly, we also moved! Nick and I moved back to our hometown of Dunlap. Not only did we move back to our hometown, but I moved back into my childhood home. My dad bought a smaller house, so we bought his to hopefully fill up one day 😉

Below I am sharing some of my favorite gifts I gave to Nick or family members and I also threw in a few of my gifts that I received.

One of the gifts I got Nick was this little weekender bag. He is one that still tends to pack an overnight bag in a grocery sack, or worse, try to squeeze everything in my bag. Problem solved, and its less than $50! Click on the image to shop.
My Grandpa Tom is a hard man to buy for. He already has so many things, so I always have to think extra hard for him. I found this on Amazon’s gift recommendations and thought it looked pretty cool! It sits in your house but the consistency of the stuff inside of it is supposed to predict the weather! A fun gift for under $30! Click on the image to shop.
My dad is another hard person to shop for other than clothes. Since he moved to his new place and has limited space I grabbed this little bar cart from Amazon for under $100! I figured he could use it for wine, picture frames, or the gadgets he wants displayed. Click on the image to view link!
I also got my dad some new records for his record player my brother and girlfriend got him. He already has tons of records, so they got him a record player like this one. I am not sure if this is the exact one but this one obviously plays records, but what I love is it is also Bluetooth compatible for your phone or tablets to play music from! I love the uniqueness of this gift, especially if your dad or husband loves all the classics! Click on the image to shop.
One of my favorite places to shop for Christmas and birthdays is Etsy. I love how original everything you find can be and everything can be so personalized! I got Nick a new wallet with his initials engraved. Such a neat and personal gift for under $30!
One of my favorite Christmas gifts I received was this light! I thought when it arrived it was going to be super small and was not sure on the quality since it was only $100!!! But we just hung it up last night and I am OBSESSED with it! It also comes in other colors like black and chrome. Click the picture to shop.
These storage containers were also one of my favorite gifts. If you know me, I am an AVID recycler and wildlife protector. My goal is to go 100% glass in my kitchen to avoid throwing away plastics that could end up in oceans or other habitats. These are amazing because of the tight-seal lid and they are exactly one cup so with me being diabetic it has been easy for me to track what I eat!
These canisters are extremely popular, but not a fun thing to buy just by yourself. I have been asking for them for about every event: wedding shower, birthdays, and Christmas. I have been slowly adding these to my pantry and I am excited to eventually have a whole pantry full! 😉 Click on the link to shop.
I also had these on my list and received them. They work really well, but you can’t have a case on it, unless mine is just difficult.

I will be sharing more on some other household items I got for Christmas in a home update post. I got a few adorable lights I would love to share and other ideas for budget-friendly home updates. Hope you enjoyed reading, and as always, happy shopping!



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