Where Does Time Go?

OK y’all! HOW is October already over? I swear it was just my birthday, and now it’s like… over. The holidays are coming up so fast, but I wanted to get a post or two in before the holiday posts begin! I am going to share my wish list for the holiday season and my favorite sales, things to shop for, etc. But tonight, I am going to share a few of my recent purchases. I’ve had a request to share wedding registry items as well, so I will share what was on mine and what I wish I would have added in my next post this coming week. Affiliate links posted below. #ad

Read on to shop these items!

This last weekend I had a wedding and I was sick the whole week prior, so shopping did not happen. Last minute I ordered a dress from Amazon. After reading and reading reviews I finally found one with decent reviews. I ordered it and it said it would arrive Saturday…came Monday. BUT, when I tried it on I loved it! The material is thicker and non-sheer and the colors are actually beautiful! The best part is it is only $30!

I love the colors! Shop this dress here.

Another Amazon find that has been super popular has been this fun hat! It is only $17 and I have actually worn it a lot and quite a few people have asked for the link. Here is me wearing it to the Celine Dion concert pictured with my mom and grandma! Outfit details linked below.

Click on links below #ad:
Mom’s Booties
Grandma’s Duster

If you want any other details – comment below!

Just recently it was my birthday, and for my gift from my mom I usually get shoes. Just kind of our thing. We love shoes! But my request this year was knee high boots that were actually tight on my legs in this gorg brown color! I was looking at a pair from Goodnight Macaroon, but she found some from Steve Madden (my fave) and I love them! They are definitely fitting my my leg and keep everything neat looking! I love the fit and look of them! I am excited to pair these with a skirt or dress for a more dramatic look as well, but for working in the store I paired with jeans and a basic top. I found them on Amazon and the actual Steve Madden sight. Linked below.

Amazon Link
Steve Madden Link

Another recent purchase I have made is this adorable pop-socket for my phone! I love the geode trend, and Euforia Boutiques is a new small business in the Southwest Iowa region and Robin and Vicki have the most adorable jewelry and accessories. Each item is gorgeous and just all-in-all completely classy. So please check out their site below and I linked the pop-sockets to the image below, so all you have to do is click! The best part is, there are only $8.99!!!

Thanks for stopping by to read! Next week I will be writing a post about Nick & I’s first year of marriage and our wedding registry items and items I wish I would have added! If you have anything else you’d like me to touch on, comment below!

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