September 22 Week Picks

I am not sure when fall is going to come, but I am getting pretty impatient. I am ready for sweaters, jeans, booties, and pumpkin patches! Not the 90 degree weather we have been having… I am sure some disagree, but fall is my favorite! Here are some good finds I have found for fall – fashion & household.

Run true to size.

I always get a ton of compliments on these leopard booties. I got them for Christmas last year and they are honestly they comfiest boots I have ever worn. I can wear them all day or night and no want to take them off right away when I get home. This brand is known for its comfortability. I found them on Amazon for the best price.

Shop my poncho and jeans!

As said before, fall is my favorite, so I have been decorating a little more here and there as the weather cools. My table I have been slowly adding to as I find more things I love. I am ALL about the buffalo check and pumpkin theme with a little bit of greenery.

The garland and elk antlers are from my wedding decorations, but find my other finds here:

Another thing I have changed up for fall is my bedding. I love change and I do it quite often. Not sure Nick approves… but I had a friend tell me about this duvet set from H&M and I loved it! I waited a couple of weeks to purchase and by then they had a waffle knit one and I loved the look of it so I went with that instead of the smooth look. I need to add different decor in my room and new curtains, but working slowly but surely! The best part of this bedding set is it was only $70 and it honestly is an amazing quality.

Room details:

Here are some boots I’ve been wanting to purchase! These have great reviews and only around $30! I want these to wear with a skirt and sweaters for this fall! YES! Shop them here.

Well, these have been my recent purchases! Happy shopping and have a fantastic week!



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