Blue Light Glasses

If you know me, I spend a lot of time on screens. Not just because I love Instagram, but with my boutique I am shopping online or posting content to social media. In school we use a ton of technology throughout the day and I also love to do photography, which also includes looking at my screen for long periods of time. Due to all the time on phones, laptops, and looking at TV’s, my eyes are always hurting. I thought I needed glasses, but my eye doctor actually said he recommends blue light glasses. At the eye doctor they were around $400… EEK. They are probably a much stronger version of them, but I have some now that I love and think work well for a much smaller cost. I am also linking the exact ones I have along with some others I think are cute and are, of course, on my wishlist.

The glasses above are from I have a referral code for $10 off your purchase if you want these exact glasses or from Eye Buy Direct. The code is: IFRCRHCTFL. You can also shop here with that code.

Below are some cute ones I found from Amazon that have good reviews! Click the picture to shop that pair. Happy Shopping!

These are currently on sale for only $16.99! I love the clear frame with leopard accent.
These are for women or men and just your average lens!
This set is awesome! Also for men or women and you get both of these for only $19!
These are a little more modern and a few dollars more, but so cute! $25!
These are definitely more girly, but so so cute! Would be fun to just wear sometimes!

There are a lot more choices on Amazon as well, but by clicking the images above there are also multiple colors and shades of each of those glasses. The possibilities are endless! Again, these glasses are amazing for people who are constantly surrounded by screens at work or in their free time. A must have for the eyes.

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