Amazon Picks: July 25th

Hello! I am back and have some Amazon picks for you! These are some items I plan on getting, have gotten recently, or just on my wishlist! Click on the pictures below for the exact product.

First up is a new drink I found. If you know me, sadly, I live off caffeine (need to quit). I don’t always love the taste of caffeinated drinks, but I love the brain power of being on caffeine. I just feel like I need it to get all the things done on my list I want to get. If you really know me, I also love following bloggers/influencers to find good stuff, and I found these drinks from a blogger, Mallory Ervin. She has promoted these more than once and seems to love them! Therefore, I thought I better try them out.

They are called Smart Cups and they come in a re-sealable bag with 10 cups in it. On the bottom of each cup there are these little hexagon patterned dust shapes. That is all of the vitamins and whatnot that make it energizing. I got the berry lemonade flavor and I really like the taste. All you do is fill the cup up approximately 9 oz. and wait for the fizzing to stop in the cup. Super yummy tasting! I have only had them for two days but I seem to be feeling the energy! So far, so good, so I am going to recommend them to you!

Lately, I’ve really been wanting some more Nora Fleming charms. With football season coming up, I really want this cute little football one! I love hosting and need more and charms to host! So I think. But here are some on my wishlist.

My favorite Christmas charm!
I love this for when I bring teacher treats!

As the school year gets closer I also like to get prepared for what I will do for lunches! I really like these salad bowls I could easily pack a salad in and re-use or recycle! I am super picky about salads and the dressing, so I always like to make my own!

I also wan these to help me with portion control and bringing a variety to lunch!

I also like these ones because they are glass and a little more environmental friendly, along with more sturdy! Of course, you will pay a little more but you get what you pay for!

And lastly I love the simplicity of this lunchbox! It is on sale right now on Amazon. Usually $39.99 and right now is only $16!!

Leave a comment of any other Amazon items you’d like to see my research!

xoxo, Kels

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