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My family and I love our Amazon Prime. Well at least me and my mom who are pretty much professionals at shopping. So I’ve put together some of my favorite Prime finds. I usually only shop Prime items because I love the fast, free shipping, but if I really want something and it’s not Prime (probs from China), I’ll get it. I haven’t been able to find/see Amazon Prime Day deals worth boasting about yet, but read on to find old & new faves from Amazon.

First up, I will share some things that I have already purchased, have on my wishlist, or realllly want to order. Not even sure if they are on the Prime Day deals, but you never know.

Okay, this is MUST HAVE for fall. I still have this outside.. oops! But, I love love this little detail in front of our door. You can add so many different rugs to it. It comes in different styles and sizes as well. One of my best purchases yet. Shop the rug here.
These are another favorite for fall and such a steal! $9.99 for both of these pillow covers– you will need to buy inserts for them which you can also find on Amazon here. These pillows are honestly an amazing quality and look good as fall decor and even through Christmas! I want to add in the red ones this year as well for Christmas! Shop this pillows here.

The next few items are some of my favorite gifts to give friends and family members. These little treasures are so unique and they come with charms for every occasion. You can never have enough Nora Fleming!
Out of all the Nora Fleming pieces these are so far my favorite. These are melamine and do not break easily! The others are glass and of course beautiful, but with my clumsiness and traveling these are perfect for me! This is just the oval plate but you can buy all things imaginable from Nora Fleming. Here is one of the Nora Fleming plates I have.
Most charms are around $14. This is just one example! There are tons and tons of charms. Just type in the search bar ‘Nora Fleming _____ charm’. If Amazon doesn’t have it, then you can go to or Von Maur always has a good selection as well! Lemon Charm

Along with the Nora Fleming plates & charms, if your planning to make yourself or a friend/family member a NF fan too, you’ll want this little charm box to keep all those $14 beauties safe….

The box fits 9 charms and is super nice to have!

Along with the Nora Fleming plates & charms, another gift I have given has been pretty cool and I want one for my own kiddo one day! I got this ball pit and pack of play balls for my Godson and he loved it! Even his older sisters seemed to have fun in it. It doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space and can be multifunctional! Definitely a must if theres lots of kiddos in the family!

The balls are sold separately and it took probably 400 (2 bags of balls linked) to fill it up quite a bit.
This ball pit is much pricier, but if you love a clean look (comes in black, blue, and pink as well) this is a great option as well! The gray makes it very sleek and modern, but still fun for the kiddos!

My next few items are some of my teacher must-haves! I find a lot of my DonorsChoose items on Amazon because of the amount of items on Amazon, but here or some of my favorite thing I have in my classroom.

SitSpots are one of my favorites ever! SitSpots go easily on carpet, can be vacuumed over, and easily removed without damaging the carpet. I love organization with my firsties, so these make it easy for them to sit in their assigned spot, line up in order, or space themselves out from one another. This is a must!
I have these Wobbly Stools in my classroom for some flexible seating options. These were the first flexible seats I used in my room and my kids love them! Even some parents comment on them during school events and conferences. I received these from using where people donate money to help fund classrooms in need. I have been very grateful for what I have received from my donors! I even got this purple color for Bulldogs! Go Bullpups!

Up next are just a few other Amazon favorites I have ordered at least once! The Soda Sandals are my favorite! I know I have posted these before, but they truly are so comfy! They stretch a little bit so I sized down 1/2 a size on the second paid I ordered. A lot of boutiques have these, but so far I have found Amazon has the best price.

Soda Sandals

Another thing I order a lot is the Zipfizz. These little drinks are little capsules with powder that I put in my blender bottles. I like the grape flavor the most, but there are a few different flavors! These are especially nice for travel and on-the-go. I always pack a blender bottle and a few of this and I am ready for anything on vacay or at school!

I have also always stated that I get a lot of my fashion earrings from Amazon! Of course owning a boutique I get a lot of earrings from my store, but if I feel adventurous I go to Amazon. Here are some of my favorites.

These watermelon earrings are so cute! They are so fun for summer and would go with a lot! You can also buy a 3-pack of different beaded fruit ones as well!
I am obsessed with these boho beaded earrings. They come in SO many different colors and would be cute with any outfit! Only $12.99.
This is another color that comes in so many different colors and is so fun and flirty! Shop them here.
This little pack comes with all of these earrings for such a good price! I wouldn’t honestly love to have one or two of these, but for $11.99 I would take the other 8 pairs. You can find a lot of little packs like this on here.

As you can see I love Amazon and have a lot of different items that I get from there! There are so, so many more to post that I will eventually get to. Stay tuned for once Amazon Prime Day comes and I will post what I think is helpful. Happy shopping!



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