Sephora Favorites (on a budget)

If you know me, you know I hate spending Godly amounts shopping. I wish I could, but that just isn’t the case! SO, I’ve put together all of my favorites from Sephora. Some are savings, some are splurges, because you can’t put a price on looking fabulous, right?

I am going to go in order in which I do my make-up, so first up is my foundation. I love to use the Sephora brand foundation! With this being said, I am sure there are more fabulous name-brand foundations, but like I said, I like to watch what I spend. Therefore, for the money I love this foundation. I feel like it stays on all day and most importantly has amazing coverage! I have always struggled to find a foundation that I felt like covered my red, blotchy face. I love this stuff and the price is next to unbeatable. You can look at it here.

Along with the Sephora brand liquid foundation I always add some powder to help smooth it all out. Again, for the Sephora brand and it’s price I love it and it is easy to put on with good coverage! You can shop this here for only $20 as well.

One of my most favorite products and brand from Sephora is Too Faced. I think they are a decently priced line and provide excellent pallets and makeup for non-professional make-up appliers like myself. This contouring pallet is everything. It has the highlighters and bronzers. I love all the colors. In the winter I just use the lighter bronzer. In the summer I sometimes use both bronzers or just the dark one. I also love the highlighting colors in these. This pallet also gives you beginner-style contouring lesson and is super easy to follow. I couldn’t recommend this more. It is around $40, but it last a long time! Definitely worth the money!

They recently changed the design and I have the older version, but the new one looks amazing with two more colors for the same price. It’s a no brainer! Shop it here.

Now, the next item is a bit of a splurge but it is my favorite blush I have ever used. This blush is shimmery and doesn’t apply like you came straight from the 80’s. They used to have a blush and a highlighter mix I am pretty sure, but I have not been able to find that for years. This is just the blush, but it is amazing. The brand is Becca and is very highly rated brand! Becca also has a blush out that is partnered with Khlo√© Kardashian and her BFF Malika which looks amazing as well. Shop this blush here.

Another product, which comes in close to my favorite is a concealer by Too Faced. I love, love the coverage of this and is so easy to apply! I even love to put this on quickly when I am in a hurry to run errands and feel like I just need a little something added to my face from the day! Shop this here.

The next item is a no-brainer! These eyeshadow palettes are everything! They come in so many different colors and sizes. They also last forever! These are the Urban Decay Naked palettes. They are a little more pricey, but like I said, they last forever and you get what you pay for! Shop for them here.

Along with the eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay has an amazing eyeshadow primer! You just put this on before your eyeshadow to help keep it on and from creasing. I don’t use this everyday, but when I have bigger events and want my makeup to look fresh throughout the event! Shop it here.

Next up are my favorite part of my face to dress up – eyelashes! I always love a good mascara and mascara is one of those purchases you get what you pay for. Although I have a few different mascaras that I use and love, the one I use from Sephora is also a Too Faced brand and is called Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara I feel is definitely worth the money and works amazing! Other mascaras I love are the Senegence & Younique 3-D/4-D mascaras. Both of those you can find from their consultants.

And lastly, although I do not use any eyebrow products from Sephora, I told you I love to shop frugally, there here is what I use. I love the E.L.F brand eyebrow pencil. I honestly feel this eyebrow pencil is the only pencil that lasts more than a week and goes on so well. And the best part?? $3!!! That’s it. So this product is truly something . It is definitely budget friendly as well. You can get E.L.F products almost anywhere. Walmart, Target, Old Navy, and places like Walgreens. They have lots of other worthy products as well! Shop them and the brow pencil here.

Well, those are all of my favorite make-up products! I know there are other amazing brands so if you know of any other budget-friendly make-up favorites for me to try comment below or just to say hi!

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